Who Is bminer?

B Miner's name originated from a creative blend of using
the key he first recorded in, ‘b minor' and his nickname
‘B Money'. B Miner hails from the small island of
Barbados in the parish of St. PHILIP. “B Miner is one of
the hardest working rappers in Barbados. One to
Paul Husbands, Selecta Charts CEO.
A holiday single entitled ‘Naughty or Nice' was released
on November 30th 2017 wich garnered him some
attention locally and abroad.
The anticipated release of his next project, an EP,
entitled ‘It Was A Thursday' set in a club banger, trap
vibe with catchy hooks, melodic flows, an undeniable
street edge and sometimes simple but deep lyrics among
the more creative literary devices. The single off the
project, entitled ‘WORK' was released on the 15 th of
March 2018 and the project which was scheduled for
release in September of 2017 will now be available from
the 28 th of February 2019. The single gained a lot of radio
play initially but eventually died down through to lack of
promotion as B Miner was hit with severe financial and
personal issues which kept him from producing anything
being barely able to survive. Now he's back, with a

B Miner started like most, singing in the church but by
the time he was in class 3 at St. Stephen’s primary he was
the head of the boys choir and the deputy head of the
school choir. As his voice started to crack so his body
changed, he decided to quit the choir but continued to
sing at church. When moving on to secondary school B
Miner was growing into a teen and he started getting
into fights while being caught up in the wrong company.
Trouble, cops, gangs and suspensions later, B Miner's
probation officer encouraged him to find another activity
to do besides cricket to keep him out of trouble. B Miner,
then took up dancing and formed his own crew that had
entered a local competition. There was negativity coming
from one of his female classmates and B Miner decided
to retaliate with a song. And that was when it all started,
he started writing his own songs and remixing popular
rap hits at the age of 14 for his friends and started
writing and releasing dance hall and hip hop at 15 as he
realized he had a knack for creating music that people
responded to though there was a lot of development to
ensure. With the major development of his writing skills but the continued run-ins at school and the streets, B Miner was pushed to join the Junior Monarch Calypso Competition
by his probation officer again, where he made the
semifinals for two years co-writing both of his songs. The
second of those two years he made the local paper for a
captivating performance at one of the tents leading up to
the semifinals which also featured some information on
his personal life. B Miner then decided to leave the
calypso arena as he wasn't getting any joy from it and
proceeded to release a series of dance hall tracks with
Look Out reaching the radio.
Performances came and performances went but
development was always there so he decided to take a
break and hone his skills as a songwriter, performer and
above all a rapper that has the basic skills and sound to
mesh with seasoned artists and to attract potential
listeners and fans. Basically, B Miner wanted to be at the
head of the chasing pack when he ‘arrived' on the scene.
In 2016 he released his first single since 2013 featuring
‘Skytrip-taylor' entitled ‘Running Insane' which did well
initially on SoundCloud. He made the local paper again
for the release of his debut mixtapes entitled ‘Fustrated'
and also made the local television station ‘CBC' on the
show ‘Route 10’ after the release of the mixtapes. In
2016 he was nominated for Best Music Video at the Barbados Media And Video Awards for the music video
for ‘Hottest In The City ‘.
B Miner is not only a very talented artist, he is also very
ambitious and has a list of high career goals such as
wanting to be an internationally acclaimed artist that
sets the benchmark for versatility. Infatuated with the
Grammys since a kid, evident from a line off of the
upcoming EP on the song ‘Family' where he said "Used
to watch the stars on TV, man I used to wanna win a
Grammy…" and on the remix of one of his favorite
rappers, Meek Mill, song ‘1942 flows' released in
October of 2017, B Miner said,"Ever since I was a kid I
always wanted this s**t", it is no surprise that B Miner
wants to win a Grammy by 30 and 10 by the end of his
career. Always adamant about becoming one of the most
entertaining hip hop artists ever because of a lot of weak
performances from stars of his genre, there is no
question of possibility with his all action demeanor. Not
only a rapper B Miner has his eyes focused on being
inducted into the songwriters' hall of fame. Despite being
very confident, he is also very forward thinking and
honest about other artists work and wants to help
talented and hardworking people of his home country
get into the hip hop industry by being the pathway. He wants to one day own his own record label once he
reaches the 'A list' of hip hop in his solo career. Not only a
musician but multi-talented, he also wants to take his
career into acting, fashion, business and advancement of
his homeland and at the end help restore the faith in hip hop
artistry seen before.
The pending EP is part of a much bigger plan than just
releasing good music as it will contain the material
needed to rock parties and shows. With the six songs on
the EP along with the releases in 2017, B Miner will have
adequate material for all types of bookings around the
globe. 'It Was A Thursday' was designed to go head to
head with the bigger and more accomplished acts, which
can be risky but with the talent, desire and work ethic, B
Miner is sure to turn heads. This will then allow him to
get his foot in the game where he can then bring his
talent to the entire world to begin his journey of reaching
the goals he has set for himself.
You can keep up to date with everything happening with
B Miner via his social media pages.
Instagram- @itsbminer
Facebook- @BMiner
Twitter- @itsbminer                                                                      YouTube- B Miner Official

Deejay Bon of Hott 95.3FM had this to say about B
Miner.He is a shining star just waiting to be
discovered. I also admire him for his work ethic and
determination to succeed in the industry.”